Why K9 Assistance Australia?

A network of professional and dedicated staff.

Flexible schedule and environment.

Co-Training model means lower costs and more effective handler/dog bonding.

Train from anywhere, at any time using our technology platform to enable remote training and logging.

K9 Assistance Australia - The Process

The process below to owning a K9AA dog may seem a little daunting. Don’t despair, this is a normal reaction to anyone who have not attempted to own an assistance dog before. 
Strict codes of practice are put in place to help you and your dog to pass the Public Access Test at the end of the training. 
Our training takes place over a 12 month period, and is designed to take into account any hurdles you or your dog may face during training. 
We support you at every step of the way, either face to face or via telephone or video conference. You will be fully supported by a K9AA Supervisor who will provide support and encouragement throughout the process below. Do not be put of by any initial lack of experience with dog training, by the end of the process both yourself and your assistance dog will both be enjoying a full and independant life after passing the Public Access Test. 
Remember to take a look at our the other services K9AA provides that may also be what you are looking for when choosing to own an assistance dog.

K9AA Staff

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Claire Turner

Founder/Lead Trainer Former Explosive Detection Canine Handler (EDCH) with Over 10,000hrs of professional handler experience in busy public environments. K9AA certified Assistance Dog Handler